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Don't be just certified, be a skilled Digital Marketer.

  • Join us (We are a Google Partnered Digital Marketing Agency having 12+ Years of Expertise )
  • Learn with us (Real Time Marketing Strategies & Tools)
  • Work On Live Projects & Create Your Own Portfolio ( Don't be a fresher)
  • Become a Result Oriented Digital Marketer
  • Get Placed

Why Choose DigiSharks for Digital Marketing Training in Nagpur?

Will I be hired after completing this course?

Definitely, yes. Our SMM training includes all cutting-edge social media marketing concepts that any company may use. Because we have the most seasoned and accomplished industry professional educators and a carefully selected course, the SMM course offered by Indra’s Academy can become a turning point in your career.
Businesses worldwide need to use social media now more than ever.
SMM not only helps businesses increase brand awareness but also aids in lead creation. SMM demands extensive technical knowledge for sponsored posts in addition to ordinary post posting.
After the course, the Indra’s Academy team ensures that each applicant receives at least 30 interviews.
We believe in teaching for careers, hence we put more of an emphasis on

We are not the nearby digital marketing course. Our highly qualified digital marketing instructors have corporate experience and are aware of the needs of real-world jobs. Therefore, we provide practical training with real-world projects.

100% Job Support
Licensed Instructors
Prepare for a job in 12 weeks.
Assignment-Based Instruction
Classes can be taken offline or online.
Cost-effective course fees
Studying Live Projects
3,000+ Career Changes

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses:

Digital marketing is rapidly growing; no specific educational background is required to pursue it. However, a basic understanding of digital marketing concepts and techniques can be helpful. Anyone with interest in digital marketing can pursue a career in this field.

To be successful in digital marketing, one needs to have the following skills:
  • Creative Thinking
  • Analytical Skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Ability to adapt to Changes

One can acquire these skills by taking up a digital marketing course from a reputable digital marketing institute in Nagpur.

Career in Digital Marketing

For digital marketers, there are millions of work opportunities. There are numerous alternatives available, ranging from vital automated online marketing to inventive social media marketing. MSMEs frequently employ a variety of web marketing techniques to publicize their enterprises and build a brand that will be recognized by the appropriate global audience. This fact will lead to an increase in work prospects for those with digital marketing expertise. Given that Bangalore is an IT hub for global tech companies, there will always be a demand for digital marketing professionals there. Numerous studies and survey results indicate that more people will work in digital marketing in the years to come.



 Digital Marketing Introduction
• Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
• Digital Marketing Channels
• Digital Marketing Scope & Career

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How SEO Affects Your Business
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Technical SEO
Creating Content For Your Website
Link Building
SEO Competitor Analysis
Negative SEO
Website SEO Audit
Google Algorithms & Updates
Measuring Your Progress
SEO Tools

• Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
• Concept Of PPC
• Understanding Bidding Strategy
• Types Of Ad Extension
• Ad Group Setup
• Types Of Keywords
• Dynamics Ads
• Quality Score
• Ad Rank

• What Is Email Marketing
• Benefits Of Email Marketing
• Creating Subscriber List
• Creating Template
• Reporting

Basic Facebook & Instagram Ads
• Introduction To Ad Manager
• Types Of Ads (Ad Manager)

• What Is Social Media Optimization
• Social Media Optimization Concepts
• Facebook Business Page Optimization
• Instagram Business Account Optimization
• Twitter Account Optimization
• Linkedin Business Page & Account Optimization
• Quora Account Optimization

• What Is Social Media Automation
• Tools Used For Social Media Automation
• Schedule Post & Connect Social Channels

• What Is Sitemap & Importance
• What Is Robots.Txt & Importance
• What Is SSL & Importance
• Canonical Tag

• Introduction To App Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Creating App Campaign

  • What is Google Analytics
  • Importance To Google Analytics
  • Real Time Traffic
  • Audience
  • Acquations
  • Behaviors

• What Are Backlinks & Its Importance
• Precautions To Create Backlinks
• Domain & Page Authority
• Do Follow & No Follow
• Keyword In Anchor Text
• Where & How To Create Backlinks
• Business Directory Sites
• Social Book Marketing Sites
• Video Submission Sites
• PPT Submission Sites
• Image Submission Sites
• Blog Commenting
• Guest Posting
• Web 2.0

• What Are Meta Tags & Importance
• Meta Title
• Meta Description
• Meta Keywords
• URL Optimization
• Content Optimization
• Keywords / Keywords Density
• Bold / Italic / Underline
• Heading 1 To 6
• Anchor Text
• Page Load Time Optimization
• Image Optimization
• Favicon

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Apply For Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

What Is A CMS & Which One Should You Use
How To Get A Domain & Hosting
Choose a Domain Name
Popular domain name registrars
How To Install WordPress
How To Install A Theme
How To Install A SSL Certificate
How To Get A Business Email For Free
Add and Edit a Menu
Make Your Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly
Backing Up Your Website
Create Blog, Business and Ecommerce Website

Understanding Blog & Post
• Introduction To Blogger.Com
• Creating Post & Pages
• Customizing Theme & Setting

• Introduction To Search Console
• Submitting Sitemap
• Submitting International Targeting
• Understanding Organic Performance

What is Google My Business?

What Is Local SEO & Why Is It Important?
Map Pack Vs Organic Results
Creating Google My Business Listing
Optimizing Your GMB Listing to Rank higher &
Get more Clicks
Why are Reviews Important
How to Generate Reviews
Building Citations
Evaluating Your Rankings
Analytics & Analysing Results
Setting up a local ad from Google My Business
Running Local FB Ads

• Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
• Concept Of PPC
• Understanding Bidding Strategy
• Types Of Ad Extension
• Ad Group Setup
• Types Of Keywords
• Dynamics Ads
• Quality Score
• Ad Rank

  • What is Google Analytics
  • Importance To Google Analytics
  • Real Time Traffic
  • Audience
  • Acquations
  • Behaviors

What is AdSense?
How to get approved for AdSense?
Cool trick to get AdSense approval by Google
Using your AdSense account interface
Placing ads on your blog
Creating blogs with our FREE theme

Adsense Policy

• What Is Google Algorithm
• Impacts Of Google Algorithm
• Panda
• Penguin
• Hummingbird
• Google Mobile-Friendly Update
• Pigeon
• Google RankBrain

 What Is Remarketing
• Benefit Of Remarketing
• Creating Of Remarketing Campaigns

• Introduction To Video Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Audience Targeting
• Creating Video Campaign

Setting up a new channel from scratch
Select YouTube niche selection
Adding channel art for your channel
Create custom YouTube channel URL
Select good brand name
Keyword Research and competitor analysis
Thumbnail strategy
YouTube SEO
YouTube competitor analysis
Video equipment for YouTube
Picking your camera, microphone and more.
YouTube analytics tool
Content Strategy
What makes good content?
How long should videos be?
Viral video vs building an audience
How often you should release a video?
Develop a release strategy
How to write a strong title
How to write a good description
How to work with end screens
How to Create YouTube Ads

• Introduction To Youtube SEO
• SEO Strategy

• Understanding Shopping Campaign
• Creating Merchant Center Account
• Adding Product To Merchant Account
• Creating Shopping Campaign

• Basic Facebook & Instagram Ads
• Introduction To Ad Manager
• Types Of Ads (Ad Manager)Mastering the Facebook Algorithm
Why your business should be on Facebook
Get to know the power of Facebook
Build Your Facebook Page
Advanced Facebook Page features
Creating your Facebook Shop
How to add sections to your shop
Build Audience on Facebook
How to Create Facebook Posts
Creating Social Media Posting Calendar
Facebook Insights Reports
How to Create Facebook Ads
Facebook Ad Formats
View Your Advertising Data
Tips for writing a great ad
Improve the performance of your ads
How to Scale Facebook Ads

Why Instagram and How it can Help your
Get Clear On Your Instagram Goals
Instagram Scaling
Powerful IG Content
Building a Killer Instagram Profile
Tools to Create Viral Instagram Photos
How to Create Viral Posts On Instagram
What is best posting time
Tools you must use for scheduling
How to find your followers
Covert Followers into Customers
Livestreaming for building brand
Instagram Ads & Campaigns
Creating your First Instagram Ad

• Importance Of Whatsapp Marketing
• Benefit Of Whatsapp Business
• Setup Of Whatsapp Business

• Understanding Content Marketing

• Types Of Content Format

• Creating Dynamic Content

Increase your sales, traffic, and brand
recognition using the power of digital content.
Develop a system for consistently generating
new content ideas.
Become familiar with some of the most effective
types of content.
Use valuable content to grow your email list and
build an effective sales funnel.
Grow a business from scratch or build upon
your existing strategy.
Optimize your website for content marketing
and drive profitable user action.
Understand the importance of effective writing
and how to become a better writer.
Generate an endless stream of valuable content
by repurposing what you’ve already created.
Promote your content and drive traffic from a
wide variety of sources.

Introduction to Google Tag Manager
What is Google Tag Manager?
Google Tag Manager Installation Guide
Google Tag Manager (GTM) Interface Overview
Admin Panel Overview
Workspace Panel Overview
Publish a Tag with Google Tag Manager
Auto-Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager
Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager
Implementing Google Analytics Tags
The Best Google Tag Manager Resource

Introduction LinkedIn Marketing
Types of LinkedIn Profiles
Learning Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Profile Optimization to Build your
Profile Search Optimization
Profile Search Optimization Cheat sheet
Build your LinkedIn network
Using LinkedIn for B2B Marketing
Creating a content strategy
Copywriting Tips for your Personal Posts
Who to write Content for on LinkedIn
Setting up your LinkedIn Page
Growing and Nurturing your LinkedIn Page
Exploring LinkedIn page Analytics Sections
Advertising on LinkedIn
Define your Account Structure
Creating Text ads, Dynamic Ads, Sponsored
Video Ads, Lead Generation ads and more
Bidding and Budgeting Strategy
Retargeting Strategy
Setup Retargeting
Measuring Results

What is Canva?

How to use Canva?

Access to Premium Version of Canva

What is affiliate marketing?
How people make millions of dollar in affiliate
Affiliate marketing history
Changes in affiliate marketing industry over the
Affiliate marketing scenario in India
How to be a super affiliate?
Different ways to do affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing secrets
Live examples of how people are making money
as an affiliate
Getting you’re started as an affiliate
Getting you approved as an affiliate from India’s
top affiliate agencies
Some of the top affiliate network in the world

Build a successful blog from scratch, or take
your existing blog to the next level
Discover a blogging niche that is both profitable
and interesting
How to create great content that promotes itself
Develop a system to plan new content, and
never run out of ideas again
Become familiar with some of the most effective
types of blog content
How to promote your content & make it rank
high in Google
Optimize your website for search engines to
drive a consistent stream of free traffic
How to build backlinks to your blog content
Grow an email list that allows you to generate
traffic and revenue on demand
Develop the mind-set of a successful blogger
Build a beautiful website using WordPress
Build a profitable business around your content
and turn your blog into a revenue-generating

What is google ads?
How the Google ads action works
Creating and Setting up our First Google ads
Account structure: SKAGs or STAGs
Setting up our First Google ads Search
Structuring your Ad Groups like a Professional
Advanced keyword Research Techniques
How to Write Killer Ads
Advanced Advertising Tracking
Setting up google ads billing
Monitoring Your Advertisements
Bidding Strategies
key Optimization Strategies
Step by Step Guide to Create your Remarketing
Seeing up Google Shopping Campaigns
Get Started with Google Display Network
Running Video Ads YouTube
Creating Universal App Campaign
Smart Campaign Setup
Discovery Campaign Setup
Creating Local Ads


We Provide IT Services

DigiSharks provides 360 Degree Digital Marketing, with Training, FREE Internship, and 100% Placement Support.


Our trainer is a working professional with more than 10+ years of experience in the industry. Since 2011, we have had 5000+ satisfied learners.


No Training institute can beat us in fee structure We provide affordable fees,
We Provide Value to your money by giving quality and Advance module with some paid tools.


Training programs are arranged in a more flexible manner, you can choose your own training schedule between 7 AM to 9 PM


For the courses you can work on our Live Projects for 100% practical knowledge. These projects help you to placed in your dream company, this will give you more flexibility on your learning schedule.

50% THEORY &

All our training programs are 50% theory & 50% practical, Trainers provide industry based practical scenarios as part of courses.


Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, We always provide 100% placement assistance. We have tied with many recruitment consultancies & companies to help you get job.


At digisharks after joining you will get Life time membership you can come anytime after completion of your 3 months of course.


We have 100% student satisfactory rate since
8 years, it means that the students trust our teaching method and the quality
of the training we provide to the students and the

What exactly does a Digital Marketer do?

In general terms, a digital marketer is responsible for using a variety of digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness.

A digital marketing executive is responsible for looking into the online marketing strategies for the organization.


Digital marketing is a fairly new field and the way it has evolved over the years is nothing short of revolutionary. It has become one of the most important aspects of any business, irrespective of its size.

How it Works

We at DigiSharks are completely focused on providing high-quality education. Quality is something that is always our priority. For us, every single student is important. Our responsibility as an institute never ends towards our students. Right from completing the course within the promised time frame, to give sufficient live projects and practical training, we make sure that our candidates get placements in some of the finest companies in the country.

Professional Team

Our trainers are industry experts with excellent work experience skill sets.

Target Oriented

We make sure all our candidates get practical knowledge by working on live projects

Success Guaranteed

We not only offer excellent training courses but also provide candidates with Job support.


What is the eligibility required for Digital Marketing Course and who should join?
Anybody who is a minimum of 18 years of age, has basic knowledge of the internet. You should definitely know how to operate a computer and the web. If you are a student, undergraduate, graduate, job seeker, entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger or web designer, you can join this course.

What is the duration & fee of the course?
The complete duration of our Digital Marketing course is 100 Days. We also have customized courses for entrepreneurs, students and working professionals. Call  9890578703 for more details.

Do you provide placements & Internships?
Yes, we do provide Internship and 100% placement assistance. We have a placement portal where prospective employers contact us for placement and internship.

Do you provide online training or classroom training?
IIDM deals with both modes of training. You can join our classroom or online training session at your convenience. However, we encourage classroom sessions, as they are more interactive.





Are you interested in improving your website’s visibility in search engine results pages? Our SEO Course is the perfect way to get started.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer looking to enhance your social media marketing skills, our Social Media Marketing Course is tailored to your needs.

Are you looking to drive targeted traffic to your website through paid advertising? Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Course is the perfect way to get started.


DigiShark’s Digital Marketing course focuses on upskilling its trainees with the working knowledge of Digital Marketing and the art of using various marketing techniques to strategise plans.

We encourage them to be curious, enthusiastic and determined, as these are foundational to learning. Our Digital Marketing courses in Nagpur reward the trainees with 12+ global certifications. These certifications are a must to ensure job placements in top-notch companies.

We have trained 1000+ individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs and established them in jobs that will benefit their skills and the organisation’s goals.