WordPress Training Institute in Nagpur

WordPress is a website building tool created for users who are not from a technology background. WordPress makes it easier for users from any stream not just restricted to information technology to build stunning website designs. Not only does it allow users the freedom to design websites but also gives them immense control over its functionalities and can often be used to prepare E-Commerce websites as well. WordPress is “Open-Source”, meaning it does not require its users to purchase any licenses as you would for Windows OS or for Microsoft Office. WordPress is a website building framework built in PHP. As per Wikipedia, WordPress has some notable clients which include CNN, CBS, BBC, Reuters, Sony, Fortune.com, and Volkswagen. It is also estimated that more than 40% of internet bloggers use WordPress as their publishing platform. As per the official site of WordPress 29% of the internet is on WordPress. Due to this high number of adopters, there is a large community supporting the users of WordPress. What benefit this gives WordPress developers is the freedom to integrate multiple pre-created modules and plugins without having to build them for themselves. These plugins are extremely powerful and versatile and get almost all of the work completed. These plugins can be used for E-Commerce, to make Payments, to manage Content and also to Optimize for Google’s SEO. WordPress users also get a wide gamut of designs and templates to choose from with a high degree of customization.

At Digisharks- digital marketing institute, we would be learning this powerful tool in depth and will be exploring various plugins offered by WordPress, namely Yoast Plugin which makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website simple and less time-consuming